Serving advertisements

ProsePoint Express can serve ads through a variety of methods:

(Note: Integration with Google DFP Small Business is an upcoming feature. If you are a ProsePoint Express user and you need Google DFP Small Business integration, please contact us)

Other ad networks

If you wish to display advertisements from an ad network or other third party service but it is not mentioned here, most likely, this can still be done via text widgets which are enabled for javascript and iframes.

Firstly, you must obtain the html (or javascript) code from the third party service.


  • Add a new text widget or edit an existing text widget as usual.
  • Switch the editor to HTML mode.
  • Paste the code from the third party into the Body textarea.
  • Expand the Javascript and iframes fieldset and tick the Allow javascript and iframes checkbox.
  • Click Save.

This will result in a text widget, enabled for javascript and iframes, which should show advertisements from the third party service.

This method has been used successfully for networks such as Amazon, Widgetbox and others. Please give it a try. If you still encounter problems, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.