Google News

ProsePoint Express provides support for submitting your site to Google News with inbuilt News Sitemaps. News Sitemaps are the recommended way to notify Google of new content.

Every ProsePoint Express site has a News Sitemap. This is an automatically generated file that lists the story and image gallery pages published on the site in the last 48 hours.

The News Sitemap is located at the url news_sitemap.xml of each site. For example, the sitemap for is at

(Note: is likely to be empty because News Sitemaps only list pages created in the last 48 hours)

Extra News Sitemap fields

There is also a ProsePoint Express plugin Google News Sitemap fields that allows users to specify extra properties to be included in the News Sitemap. Currently, this includes values for the <genres> tag.

Visit Plugins in the Control Menu and enable the plugin Google News Sitemap fields.

Then, when you edit a story, expand the Google News Sitemap fieldset and tick the applicable checkboxes which apply.

These properties will be submitted to Google News in the News Sitemap.