Page types

There are different types of pages available in ProsePoint Express. Each type has its own set of fields and capabilities, and is used for a different purpose.

A list of the commonly used page types is as follows.

  • Story — A news story or article which is dated and can be organised into channels. If you want to create a new news item, you would generally use this.
  • Basic page — A basic page for entering content. If you want to create a new basic page for your site, you would generally use this.
  • Channel — A channel is a listing of related stories (sometimes referred to as a category). Use this if you want to add a new channel for your stories.
  • Author — Represents an author of a page or story. The page for an author can also list the pages by that author.
  • External link — This lets you create a menu item that links to an external website or any web address. For example, if you want a menu item to link to Google or Facebook, use this.
  • Contact form — This lets you create a page with a contact form. Visitors to your site can use the form to send you email messsages.
  • Image gallery — This lets you create an image or photo gallery.
  • Feeds page — A feeds page is used to process and display items from one or more RSS feeds.

Some of these page types are described in further detail later on.


It is important that you choose the right page type when adding content. This reduces the chance of issues arising later on.

For example, if you want to add a simple page to say some general words about your site, there is no need to create a story page. Unless you want a date to appear, or it belongs to a channel, a basic page is usually the more correct choice.