RSS Feeds

ProsePoint Express has the ability to publish and process RSS feeds.

Publishing RSS feeds

RSS feeds are automatically generated for channel objects by ProsePoint Express. They can be accessed by viewing the channel's page and then appending ?format=rss to the url (However, you rarely need to type this in yourself).

On channel pages, or for pages where channel widgets are displayed, the rss feeds are embedded into the page and can be picked up by modern browsers.

There is also a sitewide rss feed which lists all the stories of a site. This is located at the url rss.xml of a site.

You can configure the output of rss publishing by going to Settings » Post settings in the Control Menu.

Processing RSS feeds

A ProsePoint Express site can also process and display rss feeds of other websites.

First, a feeds page must be added (in the normal manner of adding a new page). A feeds page displays a stream of feed items from one or more rss feeds. (This is directly analogous to a channel page.)

To display feed items in a page section, a feeds widget can be used. Feeds widgets display an excerpt of items from a feeds page.

(Again, this is directly analogous with channels and channel widgets)