Creating a site

If you have already signed up but and not yet logged in, please log into the service. You will be greeted with your My sites page which lists the sites owned by you or which you can edit. If you haven't created any sites, the list will be empty.

If you are already logged in, please visit your My sites page.

  • Look for the Add a new site link and click on that to create your new site.

You will be taken to a Create Site page. Enter the name of your new site into Site name and click Save.

Your new site will be created together with some pregenerated sample content such as pages, channels and layouts. This sample content is there to help you along by providing a glimpse of how the site would look and work once there is substantial content. It's meant to help, so please don't be overwhelmed by it.

Similarly, please feel free to edit or delete any of the pregenerated content. Or you could ignore it and just carry on.