Attaching layout

Each page in a ProsePoint Express site can be attached with a layout.

A layout is a combination of settings and widgets that produce a multi-column appearance.

A page that does not have a layout is shown as a single column containing the page content and nothing else. There are no widgets and no other columns. This is bland and usually not desired.

Attaching a layout to a page adds multiple columns, widgets and all the other frills to its appearance.

To attach a layout to a page, first view or edit the page.

Then, click on Page » Attach layout in the Control Menu.

The Attach layout option will expand outwards with a submenu of layout options. The currently selected option will be indicated with a tick.

Page » Attach layout
Screenshot: Page » Attach layout in the Control Menu

Selecting a layout from this submenu will attach it to the page.

Selecting <no layout> will remove layout from the page.

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