Add a row of menus to the footer

Some websites display a collection of menus in their footer area. This page describes how to do this for your site.

Essentially, you have to create your menus, create menu widgets to display them, and then arrange the menu widgets into a visible zone in the layout.

Create and organise menus

Firstly, you have to have menus to display. You should have a Main Menu on your site already, but you probably want more than just one.

To create more menus, visit Content » Menus in the Control Menu and then click on Add a new menu and follow through.

To add a page to a menu, first visit the page, then click on Menu in the Control Menu. This allows you to choose which menu you'd like to add this page to.

(You can also change the text that is to appear in the menu for this item. If your page has a long title, usually you'll want a shortened version of the title as the menu link text.)

If you select a new menu or change the selected menu, upon clicking Save, you'll be taken to a page where you can rearrange the menu. Just rearrange the items and click Save to return to your page.

Using external links to link to other websites

If you want a menu entry to link to another website, you have to create an External link page. An external link page isn't actually a page in the sense that it doesn't have text content and can't be viewed. Instead, an external link page stores an arbitrary web link.

Once you've created an external link, you can add it to a menu. This will result in a menu item which links to your intended destination.

Create menu widgets

After your menus are created, you have to get them displayed.

Any menus selected to be the Primary or Secondary navigation menus will already be displayed on your site.

To display other menus (or to display the Primary or Secondary menus again), you have to use Menu widgets.

To create a menu widget, you have to first visit the Widgets page of a layout. You can either:

  • Visit Content » Layouts in the Control Menu and click on widgets for a layout, or
  • View a page with a layout and click on Layout » Widgets in the Control menu.

On this Widgets page, click on the Add a new widget fieldset and then click on Add a new menu widget and follow through.

You can choose which menu the widget should display, and whether to display it as a vertical or a horizontal list.

Move menu widgets to footer zones in the layout

Once your menu widget(s) are created, they need to be made visible through layout. Visit the Widgets page of a layout again, and move the menu widget to any of the zones Footer Column A, Footer Column B etc.

Then, choose a non-zero width for the zone so it is visible and click Save.

You should now see your menu widget appearing in your selected zone in the layout.

Note: If you want menus to appear in the footer area for every page on your site, you need to do this last section for every layout that is used by your site.