Channels and channel pages

A channel is a listing, category or grouping of related stories (It is analagous to the term category in some other content management systems).

A channel's story list is a stream of stories of the channel. As new stories are published, they are added to its channels' streams.

Channels are represented by channel pages.

Each channel of a site has a channel page. Conversely, each channel page represents a channel. They are one and the same thing.

A channel page displays the story list of its channel with the most recent stories first.


Let's pretend your site has a channel called World news.

The World news channel page shows a story list comprising the items which have been assigned to World news.

This means that, if you publish a story about a worldwide event, it can be assigned to World news (either through the Main channel or the Other channels properties). The story will then appear as the most recent item on the World news channel page.

As you publish more and more stories to the channel World news, they will appear one by one at the top of the World news channel page.

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