Properties in the page edit form

This is a list of the properties which are available for editing in the page edit form.

Some properties are available only for certain page types or situations.

Property Description Page types
Title, Link title The title of the page or link. All
Don't show title on page If ticked, hide the title when the page is viewed as fulltext. All except external link
Body, Description The main content or description of the page. All except external link
Input format The type of text processing and filtering that should be applied to the Body. All except external link
Url alias An alternative URL by which this page or item can be accessed. All except external link
Publishing state The publishing state of the page or item.
See: Publishing Workflow
Assign to A site account assigned to work on this page or item.
See: Accounts
Publication Date The publication date of the story or image gallery. story, image gallery
Show updated Whether to show a 'Last updated ... ago' line for this story or image gallery. story, image gallery
Author 1, Author 2, ... The author(s) of this story or image gallery. story, image gallery
Main channel, Other channels The channels to which this story or image gallery belongs to.
See: Story pages
story, image gallery
Keywords Keywords for extra emphasis. See: [link:Keywords] story, image gallery
Promote this post Whether to show this story in listings of promoted stories. See: [link:Channel widgets] story, image gallery
Sticky at top of lists Whether to show this story at the top of listings. See: [link:Channel widgets] story, image gallery
Fieldset: Google News Sitemap
Properties <genres> properties for Google News Sitemap. See: Google News story, image gallery
Fieldset: Gallery image sizes
Thumbnail, Preview, View Image size settings for the image gallery. image gallery
Show listing as Whether to show a list of pages by this author. author
Recipients Email addresses that messages will be sent to. contact form
External link The web address to link to. external link
Open external link in new window If ticked, the external link will be opened in a new browser window. external link
Show in menu Select a menu to show this link in. external link
Fieldset: SEO
HTML title Override the HTML title for this page. All except external link
META description Optional meta description tag. All except external link
Fieldset: Search settings Search settings for the search page. See: [link:Search pages] search page
Fieldset: Feeds Feeds to fetch and process for the feeds page. See: [link:Feeds pages] feeds page