Moving to 48 columns

We've just changed the layout manager in ProsePoint Express to use 48 columns instead of 24. We think we've changed all the documentation to match, but there might be some stray references that were overlooked.

If you have a ProsePoint Express site, there's no need to worry. We've automatically upgraded all the sites to match. Just remember that layouts are now 48 units wide instead of 24 and you'll be fine. (Although I admit I find mentally adding up to 48 a bit more difficult than adding up to 24).

The reason for this change? To better display images of 120px and 160px widths (which are commonly used for advertisements).

Previously, displaying 120px or 160px wide images in one of the available column widths (140px or 180px) resulted in 20px of extra whitespace. Sort of okay, but could be nicer and we weren't satisfied.

So, we've doubled the resolution of the layout manager to handle 120px and 160px wide columns exactly. Each column can now be resized from 20px (2 units) to 940px (48 units) in 20px increments (with 10px left and 10px right gutters).

It's even more flexible now, and should cover just about any ad size.

Try it and you'll see what I mean.